About Us

The Museum

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) is a public, not-for-profit institution that exhibits, collects, preserves and researches contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora; conceives and hosts international exhibitions; develops supporting educational, discursive and enrichment programmes; encourages intercultural understanding; and strives for access for all.

As a non-political institution, Zeitz MOCAA’s position is on the side of humanity and the avoidance of suffering of humanity on all sides, and we respect people’s right to express their opinion.

The museum’s galleries feature rotating, temporary exhibitions with a dedicated space for the permanent collection. The institution also includes the Centre for Art Education (CFAE), and the Atelier, a project space for emerging artists.

The views, opinions or positions expressed by individuals or entities affiliated with Zeitz MOCAA with content included within the museum, on our website, social media platforms and related communications channels or events are their own and do not always reflect the position of the museum.

Senior Management
Koyo Kouoh: Executive Director and Chief Curator
Fawaz Mustapha: Chief Operations Officer

The Founders

Zeitz MOCAA offers a limited number of both individual/family and corporate founding memberships, with recognition in perpetuity as a Founding Member. Benefits include membership cards; admission passes; complimentary private tours; limited edition artworks; invitations to the annual Director’s Breakfast; and event space for cocktail parties (Silver Membership upwards). Please contact the Institutional Advancement Department for more information.


Zeitz MOCAA’s curatorial and education programming is generously supported by Gucci, Mellon Foundation, and BMW Group South Africa.

Global Council:

The Global Council is an international group of experienced art philanthropists including collectors, artists, curators and related professionals who participate in the growth of Zeitz MOCAA, and who are dedicated to the study and showcasing of the artistic and intellectual excellence from Africa and its diaspora.

The Global Council support the museum’s vision to produce and present cutting-edge contemporary exhibitions and art historical knowledge, enhance the careers of Africa’s most talented artists in the 21st century and beyond, strengthen its education programs and ensuring access for all. Read More

american friends of zeitz mocaa (AFOZM)


American Friends of Zeitz MOCAA was founded in 2017 alongside the opening of Zeitz MOCAA, the first museum dedicated to contemporary art from and about Africa on the continent. As an independent 501c3 non-profit organization, American Friends of Zeitz MOCAA advocates for and supports contemporary art programming that is aligned with Zeitz MOCAA’s mission – to make a significant contribution to the development of contemporary art in Africa and its diaspora.


Under the leadership of founding board member and President Liesl Tommy, American Friends of Zeitz MOCAA and its board of directors has a two-fold directive; to advance the presence of contemporary African voices within the United States, and to support the museums mission.

It does this by advocating for exhibitions within the United States that include vital dialogue, sharing a knowledge of art through its active member program, as well as supporting exhibitions, publications, art classes and free museum access at Zeitz MOCAA. Read more