Museum Fellowship Programme: What does the Zeitz MOCAA & University of the Western Cape (UWC) Museum Fellowship Programme entail?

The Zeitz MOCAA & University of the Western Cape (UWC) Museum Fellowship Programme is a 12-month study programme that involves on the job experience within the museum setting, facilitated by Zeitz MOCAA’s expert leadership and staff and underpinned by scholarship tailored to a Pan-African audience and presented by UWC’s Department of History and their Centre for Humanities. Fellows will have the opportunity to work directly with those involved in curatorial, art education and institutional advancement. Fellows will also receive a BA Honours degree from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) on the successful completion of the programme. 

Museum Fellowship Programme: How old do I need to be to apply for the Zeitz MOCAA & University of the Western Cape (UWC) Museum Fellowship Programme? Is there a cut-off age?

You should be at least older than 18 years of age and have completed a tertiary qualification at the Bachelor’s level. While our requirements do ask that fellows have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in contemporary art and heritage from Africa and the diaspora or an equivalent field of study, consideration will also be given to applicants who have prior recognition of learning or work experience in a related field as well as an interest in contemporary art and heritage.  

Museum Fellowship Programme: What kind of work experience is required to apply for the Zeitz MOCAA & University of the Western Cape (UWC) Museum Fellowship Programme?

Any form of arts, culture or heritage administration experience is great for this role. Additionally, if you have worked in a gallery or museum, or for a festival, biennale, art fair, auction house, heritage site, art publisher, cultural ministry, art fundraising, art marketing, art education or similar, you are well suited to apply.  

How high is the Atrium space?

The Atrium is 33 metres high. A standard floor of a regular building is about 3 metres in height so the Atrium is about 10 floors high.

Is the museum child-friendly?

Zeitz MOCAA cannot guarantee that artworks on exhibition will not contain sensitive materials. All exhibits containing sensitive materials will be marked as such before entry and it is advised that parents of young children and sensitive viewers proceed with caution.

Please also note that we cannot accommodate prams in the museum.

Where can I park when I visit Zeitz MOCAA?

Underground paid parking is available in the Silo District. No complimentary parking is available from the museum as parking areas are managed and owned by the V&A Waterfront. The underground parking area near Zeitz MOCAA tends to fill up during the week, particularly on Wednesday mornings. Please note alternative parking areas are available throughout the V&A Waterfront and is approximately a 5-10-minute walk away from the museum.

What are the benefits of becoming a Zeitz MOCAA member?

As a Zeitz MOCAA member, you will have unlimited free admission to exhibitions, a preferential queue at the entrance on busy days and receive invitations to special member events such as tours, panel discussions, screenings and extended opening hours. To view all benefits across the various tiers of membership, click here.