Zeitz MOCAA believes in flexible partnerships with the corporate community, offering a range of options that can be tailored to fit the needs of individual businesses. Your alignment with Zeitz MOCAA, one of the highest cultural institutions on the African continent,  not only provides the necessary benefit of association but enables your business to play an active role in the development of arts and culture throughout the continent. Contemporary art has the power to change people’s perceptions and offer access to niche audiences that are often hard to reach. Partnership opportunities include: sponsoring a major exhibition, event, or special programme, or acquiring naming rights to galleries and common spaces in Zeitz MOCAA. Examples include the Atrium, Sculpture Garden, and the Patrons Lobby.

“¢ Alignment with one of the most visible art institutions on the African continent.
“¢ Opportunities to host unique events in the museum.
“¢ Access to key audiences.
“¢ Staff incentives and professional development opportunities.
“¢ Social investment through community programmes that deliver public benefits, enhancing the reputation of your brand.
“¢ Behind the scenes, unique opportunities for your executives and clients, including access to celebrated artists.

Please contact the Institutional Advancement Department for more information.