You can directly enrich the Zeitz MOCAA museum collection by donating a work of art from your own collection, either during your lifetime or as a specific gift in your will. The museum will safeguard your gift in perpetuity through our Deed of Gift’s terms and conditions, which ensure that your donation remains well cared for and accessible to the public, and that your contribution is acknowledged. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in donating a work of art to the Zeitz MOCAA collection, by emailing the Zeitz MOCAA Acquisition Committee with the following information:

“¢ Your name and address
“¢ The title of the artwork and the artist’s name
“¢ The history of ownership (provenance)
“¢ Description, size, and condition of the artwork
“¢ Photograph of the artwork

“¢ Your material will be reviewed by the Zeitz MOCAA Acquisitions Committee.
“¢ Zeitz MOCAA is obliged to make sure that every acquisition is in line with our collection policy, and that we have the resources to conserve and store each item properly.
“¢ Due to limited storage capacity, we are not able to accept all donations of art.

Please contact the Zeitz MOCAA Institutional Advancement Department for more information.