Still-life with three suspended bodies

Plaster of Paris, steel, rope, sand & AV equipment
5 min 14 sec
Dimensions variable

On loan from the artists and Eclectica Contemporary.

This collaborative piece titled, Still-life with three suspended bodies, by Kyu Sang Lee and Martin Wilson, originated as an experiment  in materials to create a physical analogy for the act of remembering. In an attempt to emphasise the inherent weightlessness and instability of any memory or recollection, the artists chose to forgo the neutral flatness of a wall or projection-screen for a more complex three-dimensional scene. Lacking its corporeality, the new image created becomes inextricably entangles with the surfaces of the collection of objects  in the space – whose extra dimensionality tends to complicate rather than explain. The precarity of both scenes, when they come together, create a new dimension of tension and anxiety, pointing further to the temporality of material to hold memory.