Intervention and performance.

For three weeks, artist Bert Pauw worked from his my mobile studio, which consisted of a trolley that houses all the necessary tools and materials he used in his practice. These materials included; small cutting mat, empty cereal boxes, Prestik, a camera and a laptop. With each day, he added jumbo prints developed at Postnet or Wizards to the wall, which emulated sticky notes, with new thoughts (artwork) on each jumbo photo.

The aim of the project was to engage with the space and make work using the least amount of space and materials, trying out various new ways to present images and objects without physically changing the space he occupies. The aim was to tread lightly and make works that are lightweight, easily removable, unimposing and humorous. The qualities of the work (and his studio process) contrast the weight, solidity and permanence of the Zeitz MOCAA building itself.

This intervention titled,  Quarter Square Cube, was part of the exhibition, The Main Complaint (2018).