Mixed media sculpture
Dimensions variable

KÄ«ruru is a multimedia sculpture by MÅ©chiri Njenga. The sculpture is of a young Afronaut working in a future postapocalyptic time where the AgÄ«kÅ«yÅ« people have rediscovered their ancient ‘ngÅ«gi’ power and used them to mine ‘riÅ«ki’ from a passing asteroid, enabling them to use all their ancient 9 senses including teleportation, psychokinesis, telepathy and alchemy.

KÄ«ruru is one of the many transhuman workers, who’ve modified their bodies with digital junk after the fall of the information age civilisation towards the end of the transcendent spiritually ‘woke’ Afrikan civilisation, enabling themselves to work long periods in space without the need to replenish their bodies. KÄ«ruru is a sculptural extract from the Kichwateli series of short films.