Kenyan-born artist, Muchiri Njenga attended school in the highlands of Limuru before teaching himself art and computer animation. His first job was as an animator for a children’s TV show where he produced 52 episodes of animated content. He later worked as a consultant animator and visual effects artist at local productions houses and advertising agencies before starting his film and animation company, Studio  Ang in 2008.

Njenga’s experimental blend of performative works, live-action sculptures and recycled digital junk, portrays his multilayered narratives of modern identity, daily rituals and future technologies.

Besides directing and producing films, MÅ©chiri created visual art, installations and photography. His work revolves around African spirituality in relation to modern contemporary cultures and technologies. Concerning African history, Njenga believes that there are no myths, only distorted half-remembered truths. His background in animation has influenced his passion for filmmaking and fed his idiosyncratic style of mixing African traditional aesthetics with modern storytelling techniques using film, installation and photography.

Kichwateli  project investigates the role of seers in a dystopian African society. It interrogates the role of spirituality in a trans-humanistic world where people are debating whether their soul still exists. This work challenges the older generation in Africa to allow the younger ones to take control of their spiritual destiny while guiding them in tracing their ancient roots. The project reinforces the notion that they who control the present, control the past. And they who control the past, control the future.

His work has been exhibited at Tropen Museum (2018), Bamako Encounters (2017), FOAM Fotographie Museum (2017), Lagos Photo Festival (2016), Circle Art Gallery (2016), Goodman Gallery (2015),MoCADA Museum (2014), The Arches (2013) and numerous film and art festival around the world.  Currently, MÅ©chiri is working on an installation project at his studio in Limuru.

MÅ©chiri Njenga’s work is featured in the Zeitz MOCAA exhibition,  Still Here Tomorrow To High Five You Yesterday (2019).