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Gareth Nyandoro

Gareth Nyandoro

1982 - Present

Gareth Nyandoro

Gareth Nyandoro was bornin Bikita, Zimbabwe. He currently lives and works between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Harare, Zimbabwe.

In 2003, he completed a National Diploma in Fine Art from Harare Polytechnic after which he continued studies in Creative Arts and Designs at the Chinhoyi University of Technology in Zimbabwe, a degree which he completed in 2008. Between 2014 and 2015, he received an art residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, Nyandoro has developed a fascination with trade commerce, especially as found in local marketplaces. He has always been interested in human interaction and behaviour, regarding the ways in which people arrange their stalls, negotiate trade deals and sell used goods typically associated with markets such as bicycles, shoes, and clothing rails. His work can lean towards abstraction as human figures become less discernible. Given his training as a print maker, Nyandoro became intrigued with the processes involved with etching. Consequently, he developed a distinctive technique “Kucheka Cheka” which means ‘to cut’. It involves using sharp blades to cut shapes and figures into paper, which is then sponged over with ink, prior to stripping the surface layer of paper with tape.

Known for his large-scale paper works, Nyandoro’s image making often bleeds over the borders of the 2 dimensional surfaces. His work speaks of the bustling atmosphere in public spaces, in particular those involving business exchanges.

In an article by Ross Carr for the Financial Times, Nyandoro comments the following, “I try to recreate situations that people don’t see as important. I want to show them that they are missing.” He regards the arrangement of objects and set up of trade stalls as artworks in of themselves.

Notable solo exhibitions include: Mutariri at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (Harare, Zimbabwe: 2012); Weaving Life at Gallery Delta (Harare, Zimbabwe: 2013); Gareth Nyandoro at Galerie 23, Stichting Beeldende Kunst (Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 2015); IPAPO-IPAPO at SMAC Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa: 2016) and Paper Cut at Tiwani Contemporary (London, United Kingdom: 2017). His work has also featured in the following group shows: Zimbabwean Contemporary Art at Galerie 23 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 2013); Trek: Following Journeys at SMAC Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa: 2015); Pixels of Ubuntu/Unhu for the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy: 2015) and A Moment of Grace at Modern Art Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom: 2016).