Community, Crisis and Care: What Art Means Today?
Saturday 28 November, 11am – 12:30pm

Home is Where the Art Is brings together local artists and audiences. It is an exercise in social cohesion for Capetonians, particularly following lockdown. This panel features practitioners who, in their work, engage strongly with local communities. We will address issues around the importance of art in bridging gaps between different groups of people, creating access for those without it, and fostering a space for care and support for each other.

Panel includes:
Liesl Hartman (moderator)
Nelis Koegelenberg
Rowan Roman
Velile Soha
Zaid Philander
Xolani Sivunda

The Politics of Inclusivity: Breaking the Walls of Privilege
Thursday 3 December, 6pm – 7.30pm

The art industry is inherently exclusionary.
This panel discussion focuses on the impact of class and identity around making and consuming art on the African continent.
The discussion will look at the politics of representation, particularly for those who are routinely excluded from the sector.

Panel includes:
Anathi Tyawa
Bonolo Kavula
Joseph Coetzee
Lindisipho Gulwa
Tammy Langtry (moderator)

Our Local Art Ecosystem: Democracy, Access and Space
Thursday 10 December, 6pm – 7.30pm

Calls for the democratisation of art are not new and in recent years, there have been numerous attempts to create better access for more people. While gains have been made through education and independent art spaces, there is still much work to do. This panel discussion focuses on the local art environment and how to make it hospitable and equitable to people from all parts of society.

Panel includes:
Ashraf Jamal
Haroon Gunn-Salie
Neo Maditla
Storm Janse van Rensburg (moderator)