Date & Time

27 September 17 - 27 September 17

13:00 PM - 13:15 PM

Tour led by:
Mark Coetzee (South Africa), Executive Director and Chief Curator (Zeitz MOCAA).

Each day Zeitz MOCAA offers a short, 15-minutes  tour of one object or one artist. This tour is designed for individuals who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of contemporary art through regular short visits during their lunch break.

Today’s tour will focus on Samson Kambalu’s (Malawi) solo exhibition in the Centre for the Moving Image entitled  Wounded Negatives. Reflecting on the role of film as a carrier of memory and an agent to disseminate information, Kambalu’s performances transform historical trauma through playful dissent. The films reflect a non-linear narrative, evident too in the patterns of human migration. The Centre’s inaugural exhibition deals with the fact that migration and displacement are no longer an exception, but rather a universal norm. Binaries of indigenous and alien, nationalism and disaffiliation seem simplistic tools to negotiate our sense of self in time and place. How do we situate ourselves if our geographical placement is continuously in flux? New mediums offered by information technology, as seen in the work of Kambalu, liberate us from identities defined by a fixed location.

Meet in the Grand Hall area, near the reception desk.

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