Date & Time

09 November 17 - 09 November 17

13:00 PM - 13:15 PM

Tour led by:
Xola Mlwandle (South Africa), AKO Foundation Assistant Curator of Painting (Zeitz MOCAA).

Each day Zeitz MOCAA offers a short, 15-minutes tour of one object or one artist.  This tour is designed for individuals who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of contemporary art through regular short visits during their lunch break.

Today’s tour will look at ideas found amongst West African groups such as the Yoruba and Fon peoples of Nigeria and Benin where it is understood that there exists a permanent link between the visible world that we inhabit and the invisible world of the spirit ancestors. This tour will focus on the work of Benin-born artists, Julien Sinzogan.

Please note this will be a training tour and young curators will lead the tour as part of their training.

Meet in the Grand Hall area, near the reception desk.

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