Date & Time

04 August 18 - 04 August 18

10:00 AM - 17:00 PM

Join us for a performance by Belinda Blignaut in the #BMWAtrium as part of the programme series for the exhibition, ‘Human Nature: Ruby Swinney’.
In ‘Working From The Inside’, the artist works from the inside of her large-scale vessels as she builds, shaping the clay as much as it shapes her. Both artist and medium continually pushed and pulled to limits until the vessel breaks.
An important component of this performance is the audio track created collaboratively with experimental noise and sound artist Jacques Van Zyl, who plays live while Blignaut builds for the duration of the performance. Audio tracks of the making of the work have been recorded over a two year period, including audio recorders buried in the earth, nature, water, hand building and fire, right through to a live feed at the public performance, incorporating audience sounds.
These immersive experiences are somewhere between wrestling and allowing the object to find its own personality, working from the inside and outside simultaneously. A lot like dancing (in a mosh pit), a lot like life.  This performance is  part of the programme series for the exhibition,  Human Nature: Ruby Swinney  and is  a performance by  the artist,  Belinda Blignaut,  experimental noise and sound artist,  Jacques van Zyl  with  assistance by  Lindsey Raymond.
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