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15 September 2018 - 15 September 2018

12:00PM - 1:00PM

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Location: Scheryn Collection Arena, Level 0

Remembering and Forgetting – A Discourse on Memory

For millennia, the concept of memory has fascinated artists and philosophers alike. Subjective, emotionally charged and often fallible, memory serves as a fundamental inventory of human experience.

In response to Ruby Swinney’s paintings, join Dr Carla Freeman on a journey exploring this essential part of human nature – from the neurobiological underpinnings of memory to philosophical musings and evocative visual imagery.

Dr Carla Freeman [MBChB (UCT) FCPsych (SA) MMed Psychiatry (UCT) MPhil (Neuropsychiatry)] is a specialist psychiatrist and senior lecturer in the Division of Neuropsychiatry at the University of Cape Town.

To read more about Ruby Swinney’s exhibition titled Human Nature here.

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