Date & Time

06 October 18 - 06 October 18

14:00 PM - 15:00 PM

The Colour Effect will examine artists,  Ruby Swinney‘s paintings – in the exhibition, Human Nature – in relation to a tradition of ideas about colour and its emotional and spiritual effects. These concepts arose in the Romantic period with Goethe and Runge and evolved through early Expressionism (Steiner, Kandinsky and the Blue Rider group) to later post World War Two trends (Beuys, Frankenthaler, Rothko, Kiff).

Cyril Coetzee – formerly an art historian at Wits University – now  works as a freelance artist, art writer, lecturer, curator and painting teacher, best known for his 28 square metre canvas at the William Cullen Library and for his commissioned portrait of Nelson Mandela (used as the design for the international stamp commemorating Mandela’s 90th birthday). Cyril has had a lifelong interest in the spiritual sciences and its translation in art. He is particularly interested in the impact of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on twentieth-century art and has published academic articles on Steiner’s influence on the work of  Kandinsky and Beuys.

This event is free to attend with museum admission. Normal membership access and admission prices to the museum apply.