Date & Time

16 November 18 - 23 November 18

10:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Our current exhibition, The Main Complaint in the Centre for the Moving Image features screen take-over.

In a similar vein to Instagram takeovers, a screen in the Centre for the Moving Image will be occupied by invited curators from outside of South Africa (working for institutions, galleries, or independently). Each curator will be invited to take over the screen for a period of one week with content they think needs to be seen in the context of Zeitz MOCAA. This could comprise of video works, text-based interventions, conversations, a single image, sound, etc. It could change daily or remain the same for the entire week.

The second screen take-over for the exhibition features invited curator  Danda Jaroljmek who has selected the works by Tanzanian artist,  Rehema Chachage  titled,  Kwa Baba rithi undugu I and II (2010).

Kwa Baba rithi undugu explores the themes of ‘voice’ and ‘voicelessness’. The installation consists of two objects shaped like radios, but with screens in them playing footage of human figures, with indexes and disconnected discourse. By muddying the transmission with noise from some unknown source, the artist draws attention to the difficulty of relating to the other in situations in which there is an absence of voice, a prerequisite for interlocution and the construction of discourse. Drawing upon the idea of dialogue as a fundament of human experience, the work speaks of the voice as a symbol of personal and political expression.

The screen take-overs will take place between 7 November 2018 – 28 February 2019.  To nominate a curator please email

About  Danda Jaroljmek:

Danda Jaroljmek co-founded Circle Art  Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya in 2012 after running various non-profit art spaces and travelling in the region for 20 years. She states, “My intention was to provide a highly professional consultancy service to individual and corporate collectors and art institutions and to build new audiences for East African art through ambitious pop-up exhibitions.

In 2015, Jaroljmek opened Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi, now one of the foremost exhibition spaces in East Africa. Her intention was to create a strong and sustainable art market for East African artists by supporting and promoting the most innovative and exciting artists currently practising in the region. She collaborates with a diverse group of contemporary artists and tries to curate challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art. Jaroljmek also  invites guest curators in East Africa to work with her.

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