Date & Time

21 December 18 - 30 December 18

00:00 AM - 00:00 AM

In a similar vein to Instagram takeovers, the screen takeover in The Main Complaint invites curators working outside of South Africa to take over a screen in the exhibition providing whatever content they think is important for our audiences to see.

This week Joëlle Ducray has selected five short films by Mauritian filmmakers: Annicka Spangenberg, Azim Moollan, Elliott Yan Luk, Kim Yip Tong and Daniella Bastien.

About  Joëlle Ducray

Joëlle Ducray lives and works in Mauritius. After directing a couple of short films, she turned to film production. She got highly involved in the organisation of ÃŽle Courts – International Short Film Festival of Mauritius, where she was responsible, among other tasks, of the Festival programming, the film education program and the Film Fabrik program, which aims at offering to young filmmakers the necessary support and means for the production of their first films. With a strong knowledge of the local and regional film scene, Ducray currently works on the development of art projects in Mauritius.

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