Date & Time

17 June 24 - 20 June 24

10:15 AM - 13:00 PM

Join us at the Zeitz MOCAA Centre for Art Education (CFAE) for an exciting week of children’s workshops over the 2024 Winter school holidays from 17 to 20 June. We have designed the holiday programme as an open studio space so that children have a choice of a variety of different activities in the same space and so that they can stay for as long as they would like.

Four activity tables, each inspired by an artist or exhibition theme, will be offered on all of the workshop days. The activities are offered at different levels of complexity to accommodate different skill levels and age groups, ensuring maximum fun and engagement.  A fifth table will have a surprise activity on the final day.

Workshops are open to all children aged 6 – 16. Children will be registered at the beginning of the class and only parents and guardians will be allowed to sign children out when they have completed one or more of the activities. Younger siblings (5yrs or younger) must be accompanied by parents or guardians at all times, if they wish to participate in the workshop activities with a brother or sister. We welcome teens who would like the opportunity to create amongst and alongside younger children!!

On each day, the workshop will begin at 10.15 am and run uninterrupted until 1 pm. Your children can stay as long as they would like and will be engaged by the teachers and facilitators to complete an activity. Children may also take a break for a snack in between activities.

Members’ children are invited to participate in the workshops free of charge.

Zeitz MOCAA Membership is R390 for 12 months.

For non-members, a single entry with your child is R250.00.

Parents and guardians, you are requested to deliver your child/children to the workshop venue where they will be registered. You will be guided to the venue on the day.

Please do not leave your child/children unaccompanied in the reception area.



Please direct any queries about the workshops to


The activities listed below will be offered every day from Monday 17 – Thursday 20 June in an Open Studio workshop format. Children may choose a different activity each day or two activities on one day depending on their age and/or how long they wish to stay. It is unlikely that even older children will complete all the activities in one day. All activities are offered from 10:15 – 13:00 each day. We welcome teens who would like the opportunity to create alongside younger children!!


LOW RELIEF, TEXTURED LANDSCAPES – Cardboard relief and mixed media
Inspired by the artwork of Buhlebezwe Siwani, in the current exhibition Seekers, Seers, Soothsayers, children and teens will make their own low relief textured landscape using various mixed media techniques. Facilitators with give guidance on how to create and combine cardboard textures with other mixed media elements.


BIRD MASKS AND HEAD GEAR – Paper construction and surface decoration
The black feathered Bateleur Eagle embodied by the artist, Sekai Machache in her video installation, seen in the exhibition Seekers. Seers, Soothsayers will inspire the construction of beautiful bird masks and head gear. Children will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials to achieve their unique creations in any one or more of the following materials: cardboard, egg boxes, paper plates, fabric and much more.


STUNNING STAINED GLASS – Paper construction
The decorated museum windows with images derived from Athi Patra Ruga’s stained glass masterpieces will inspire this beautiful activity where children transform tissue paper in various ways to create their own stained glass master pieces that can live on their windows at home or become functional lanterns that glow in the dark.


FLAMBOYANT AND FUN FELT PURSES – Felt construction, gluing, applique and stitching
The bright colours, images and words in the large felt collages of Jody Paulsen have inspired the small bag and purse making activity at table 4. Using felt and brightly coloured fabric off-cuts, children will make their own bags or purses that will be embellished with images and words that describe aspects of their personality.

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