Date & Time

09 February 19 - 09 February 19

10:30 AM - 14:00 PM

The Cedar Cypher Festival is a collaborative event between Cedar High School, Zeitz MOCAA and City Varsity linked to an exhibition, The Main Complaint  currently on at Zeitz MOCAA until 28 February 2019. The event will include live mural painting, performances, screenings and a market showcasing local vendors.  

This program forms part of The Main Complaint exhibition. As an institution focusing on ’21st-century art’ and to ‘guarantee access for all’, it is important to open dialogue between institutions and spaces outside of what has become an insular context that defines Cape Town’s art scene; an infrastructure and engagement that is limited to the city centre.

How can an institution of contemporary art begin to facilitate physical, social and psychological connections, through physical intervention? The Cedar Cypher festival is a collaborative exploration toward inclusive engagement, art education, and building mutually beneficial connections where Zeitz MOCAA can listen, learn, and support forward movement to acknowledge and accommodate parallel practices and narratives; to look at relationships, not singularities.

RSVP is essential. Click here to secure your place. A free shuttle to  the event will leave Zeitz MOCAA at 10.30 a.m. on Saturday, 9 February to take guests to the festival, and will return to the museum at 2 p.m.

About  Cedar High School:

Cedar High School in Mitchells Plain has been running efficiently for 32 years. It is one of only four existing art schools in the province, yet it is largely underfunded. Cedar Cypher sessions are a weekly event at Cedar High where learners perform on stage in the Quad encouraging collaboration and freedom of expression, creating an atmosphere of unity. The program is curated and run by the student body.

“The sessions were started to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and expression (in any genre) as a way to encourage pride and the sharing of ideas.” – Joseph Coetzee (teacher, Cedar High)

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