Date & Time

22 September 17 - 26 August 18

00:00 AM - 00:00 AM

Yinka Shonibare, MBE (RA)  (England)

Michaela Limberis (South Africa), The African Arts Trust Assistant Curator of the Moving Image, Centre for the Moving Image, Zeitz MOCAA

Yinka Shonibare’s, MBE (RA), occupation of the Dusthouse, the third building that forms part of the Zeitz MOCAA campus, is an extraordinary acknowledgement of how the past and present engage to create meaning. Historically, the Dusthouse filtered the air of the adjoining industrial structures to protect the lungs of the workers and stop the building from exploding.

 Shonibare’s, MBE (RA),  Addio del Passato  tells the story of Lord Nelson’s rejected love and plays out as an endurance performance.  The sound of the opera resonates throughout the Dusthouse 24 hours a day. Four floors of stained glass windows are illuminated from the interior. The extraordinary projection draws in the audience across the bridge from the interior of the museum or from the stairways from the museum parking below.

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