Date & Time

22 October 20 - 09 May 21

00:00 AM - 00:00 AM

Line in the Sand is a project in the form of an open studio residency and exhibition by Cape Town-born artist and activist Haroon Gunn-Salie.

The project draws together a decade of site-specific interventions, public artworks, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Through a process of taking stock and collective reframing of the terms of engagement around how to create and ensure an ethical and equitable socially-engaged collaborative art practice, Gunn-Salie will use the museum as a space to reorient his practice.

During the time of the exhibition, Gunn-Salie will occupy the museum as an open studio production space, and host a bi-weekly program of engagements. A special feature of the open studio is a sustained dialogue with Brazilian artist-filmmaker Aline Xavier, consolidating the works they have co-published over the past five years.

Each component of the project will include an action highlighted through an activation in the museum, as live-stream events, and in public spaces around the City of Cape Town.

Line in the Sand is scheduled to run from 22 October 2020.

Photo credit:  Aline Xavier

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