Date & Time

23 September 21 - 23 September 21

18:00 PM - 19:30 PM

In anticipation of the launch of Unfinished Camp on Thursday, 23 September, Zeitz MOCAA will be hosting a panel discussion with the three artists the museum has invited to be part of the initiative.  

The art initiative of Unfinished, an alliance of nine international arts organisations driven by the conviction that the next generation of artists should have a seat at the table as we envision the future of ethical technology, Unfinished Camp aims to provide a global platform for the voices of young artists, gathering them periodically for face-to-face meetings (hence the name Camp).

The nine institutions have invited 27 young artists from Botswana to Brazil to produce a short video artwork exploring the question, “What is the future of art in a decentralized world?”

Date and time:  

Thursday, 23 September 2021

18:00 – 19:30

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Participant Biographies:

Zeitz MOCAA’s participating artists, who will be speaking on the panel, moderated by Johannesburg-based reader-writer-drawer Thulile Gamedze, include:

Naomi Lulendo

Naomi Lulendo’s works are materialisations of interest in misappropriation – of words, meaning, objects and identity. Her work includes painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance. Lulendo uses the concept of “play” as a tool to shape and create hybrid objects, images and texts as she observes the individual and collective, social and political implications of human mobility and cultural encounters in her work.


Helena Uambembe  

Helena Uambembe was born to Angolan parents and her work is dominated by themes of the 32 Battalion (of which her father was a soldier), Pomfret and her Angolan heritage. In it, she explores narratives surrounding history and place, interweaving connected symbols and archival material.  


The Botswana Pavilion

The Botswana Pavilion is an art collective comprising Kim Karabo Makin, Thebe Phetogo, Thero Makepe, Legakwana Leo Makgekgenene and Sade Shoalane. Through their work, the artists attempt to support and validate young creatives from Botswana by creating a platform for international visibility and art exchange and inspiring a local sustainable creative industry.


Thulile Gamedze  

Thulile Gamedze is a Johannesburg-based reader-writer-drawer whose work is vested in flexible, historical moving matter such as dreams, Queerness, Black Consciousness and water.

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