Date & Time

14 December 21 - 19 November 21

10:00 AM - 16:30 PM

Children’s Summer Holiday Programme: Festive Fun Fabulous Colour

Get ready for a summer of colour with Zeitz MOCAA’s Centre for Art Education. In a series of workshops held throughout the holiday season, children will learn about colour-making through a variety of two- and three-dimensional works of art.

The workshops will include an exploration of various wet and dry mediums across activities in painting, drawing, collage and 3D construction, and will take place in the museum’s safe, child-friendly classroom spaces on level -1.  

All the workshops are inspired by Zeitz MOCAA Atelier’s current artist-in-residence Thania Petersen, whose work is memorable for its use of vibrant colour inspired by her family heritage.  

Parents and guardians are invited to explore the museum while their children engage in fun learning activities.

  • Please note all health and safety protocols will be strictly observed
  • Children of museum members may participate in the workshops free of charge
  • Adult entry for non-members, including free entry for accompanying children, is R210, or purchase a museum membership for R290
  • Please do not leave children unattended in the reception area on level 0.    

Date and time: The full workshop schedule is as follows:  

Age Group


Date and Time




6-8 yearsTuesday, 14 December

10 am – 12 pm


In this fun and easy painting class, children will be exposed to a colour-mixing activity with some twists and surprises, including creating their own colour surfaces and a painted collage.

Wednesday, 15 December

10 am – 12 pm

Painted Peacocks and Pink Flamingos

In this painting class, children will be encourage to paint a bird or animal – using brushes they’ve never seen before.

Thursday, 16 December

10 am – 12 pm

Colour Companions

In this fun mixed-media class, children will learn to make their peg pals to give to a friend or hang on a festive tree.

Friday, 17 December

10 am – 12 pm

Carnival Colours

Inspired by the vibrant colours, movement and sounds of the Cape Town Carnival children will create their own canvas painting.

Saturday, 18 December

10 am – 12 pm

Pop-Up Painted Puppets

Children will create a pop-up puppet using paint and a variety of exciting mixed media materials.

9-12 years


Tuesday, 14 December

2 – 4.30 pm

Glow in the Dark

This paper crafting class will introduce children to   beautiful paper lanterns inspired by the colours and patterns of Islamic designs.

Wednesday, 15 December

2 – 4.30 pm

Weft and Warp

Children will be taught about the relationships of colour and basic weaving using paper before being asked to turn their woven surfaces into a three-dimensional container.

Thursday, 16 December

2 – 4.30 pm

Colour Calligraphy

A drawing and painting class where children will learn to create their own calligraphy pens as well as the art of calligraphy.

Friday, 17 December

2 – 4.30 pm

Bags of Colour Part I

Using stencilling techniques and fabric paint, this class will teach children to pattern a piece of canvas to make a bag that will be able to hold A4 books.

Saturday, 18 December

2 – 4.30 pm

Bags of Colour Part II

In this second part of the Bags of COlour workshop, children will construct the bag using stitching and gluing techniques.

Adults and children of all agesSunday, 19 December

10.30 am

Open Studio
  This self-guided open workshop for adults or children will introduce participants to basic art-making materials and equipment in an activity that can be done in groups or alone. The activity is inspired by a Zeitz MOCAA artist or exhibition and an art facilitator will be on-site to guide and assist participants.


Parents and guardians are asked to please not leave minors unaccompanied.

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