Date & Time

16 September 21 - 16 September 21

18:00 PM - 19:30 PM

Whether it’s the bustling market, the edge of the road, the beachfront, the quiet open air or the noisy congested city centre, demarcations of public space are complex and contested.   The boundaries around public space are often marked by different types of landscape and landmarks.

Our panel discussion on “Art, Resistance, Civic Engagement and the Formulation of Public Space” will ask panellists to discuss how access is granted, as well as look at questions such as how we navigate outside spaces in a manner that makes ourselves and others feel safe and what role art plays in public space.  

The panellists include Rike Sitas, who straddles the academic world of urban studies and creative practice; Bushy Wopp, a local illustrator and mural artist; and Mabel Mnensa, an author, poet and former marketing manager. The latter two speakers are both participants in the “Outside” theme of Zeitz MOCAA’s Home Is Where the Art Is exhibition. The discussion will be moderated by Zeitz MOCAA’s Senior Curator Storm Janse van Rensburg.  

Thursday 16 September 2021
18:00- 19:30 hrs
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Participant Biographies:  

Rike Sitas

Rike Sitas, the co-creator of DALA and researcher for the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town, does research focused on the role of arts, culture and heritage in exploring the Power of Place in re-orienting priorities in the city. She has worked with the Institute of Creative Arts and has fellowships with Restless Infections and the Centre for Humanities Research.    

Bushy Wopp

A South African illustrator and mural artist, Bushy Wopp has worked with many local and international brands. Having exhibited in numerous galleries like World Art and Art Bureau Collective, he had his first solo show at Uncles Art Dealers in October 2020.  

Mabel Mnensa

Mabel Mnensa is an author and poet, and was previously a marketing manager. She debuted her first children’s picture book in 2017 and is currently in the process of distributing a pan-African Mzansi board game, Half Tiger, that she has spent the last two years testing and tweaking.

Storm Janse van Rensburg

Storm Janse van Rensburg is a curator of contemporary art who has worked in an international context for the past 25 years. He currently serves as Senior Curator at Zeitz MOCAA.

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