Gontse Mathabathe

Digital Platforms AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms

Gontse Mathabathe was born in Pretoria, South Africa and currently lives and works in Cape Town. Currently, Mathabathe is the AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms at Zeitz MOCAA.

In her role as AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms, Mathabathe is developing the AfriSam Audio Tours scheduled to launch with the inaugural opening of Zeitz MOCAA. Visitors will be able to choose from either an Architecture, Art or Children’s tour. She also manages the content of Zeitz MOCAA’s social media sites which include, amongst others, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, Mathabathe is managing and building the content for Zeitz MOCAA’s website, set to launch in September 2017.

Mathabathe holds a BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa) (2016) and is currently studying towards a Masters Degree in History of Art at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Her MA research examines the development of ‘traditional’ amaXhosa dress and unpacks how dress, through its intersection with the political and the contemporary, establishes notions of self-writing and identity making. As a writer and historian, she has developed an interest in African art and African traditional and contemporary dress. Some of her critical writing and reviews of various exhibitions can be found on ArtThrob.

Prior to Zeitz MOCAA, Mathabathe worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Wits Art Museum (Johannesburg, South Africa). Previously, Mathabathe completed an internship at Assemblage, a Johannesburg-based artist-run organization that connects the visual art community through exhibitions, peer mentoring and workshops. Mathabathe currently sits on the advisory board of Assemblage.

Mathabathe has curated several exhibitions, including Situation (2016), a group exhibition held at The Point of Order (Johannesburg, South Africa); Shift (2016) a group exhibition held at Assemblage (Johannesburg, South Africa); Even Younger Than… (2016), held at 56 Pim (Johannesburg, South Africa); and I Am Mine (2016) held at SoMA art space (Johannesburg, South Africa). Mathabathe, most recently participated in and contributed academic essays to two group shows, Overtime: representations, values and imagined futures of ‘classical African Art’ (2017) and From the Heart: Personal Perspectives on the WAM Collection (2016), both held at Wits Art Museum (Johannesburg, South Africa).