Date & Time

07 November 18 - 28 February 19

00:00 AM - 00:00 AM

Alice Gauntlett
Arlene Amaler-Raviv
Atiyyah Roodt
Bert Pauw  
Bonolo Kavula
Brett Charles Seiler
Charlotte Langhorts
Danda Jaroljmek
Ellen Agnew
Emmanuel De Montbron
Francois Knoetze  
Fredaline Johnson
Gaelen Pinnock  
Gavin Furlonger
Heinrich Minnie
Jake Michael Singer
Jill Trappler
Joseph Coetzee
Juliana Caffe
Katherine Bull
Kathy Robins
Keegan Heinus
Keenan Forbes
Khanya Mashabela
Lerato Shadi
Litha Qungwana
Mbali Tshabalala
Michael Tsepo Jacobs
Miriro Mwandiambira
Nobukho Nqaba
Mitchell Gilbert Messina  
Olivié Keck
Rehema Chachage
Rory Emmett  
Russell Bruns
Sakhisizwe Gcina
Sepideh Mehraban
Sesethu Tshetu
Sibonelo Ndwalane
Sitaara Stodel
Siyah Mgoduka
Siwa Mgoboza
Shanur Williams
Tammy Langtry
Tazlin Verkuil
Toby Orford
Valerie Kabov

Michaela Limberis, Zeitz MOCAA.

The Main Complaint is an infiltrating exhibition highlighting systematic, institutional failures, in an attempt to contextualise, recognise and repair. The exhibition exists as an ongoing series of interventions by museum staff and invited artists.

The Main Complaint is not confined to this exhibition space. The project exists as an infiltrating and sprawling series of interventions, workshops, talks and off-site programs – all of which will, in some form, end up in here. It’s unclear what this space will become. It may become claustrophobic and unaccommodating. Or perhaps it will generously harbour a collection of beautifully synchronised works and a range of alternative ideas.

The role of technology is an integral theme throughout, as an indicator of intergenerational communication, memory, modes of representation, accessibility, agency, and ultimately, a facilitator of collaborative, responsive change.  

How much time are you willing to invest in the process?

Explore the exhibition in 3D below:

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