Position available at Zeitz MOCAA:

  • Internship – Digital Platforms


Job Description

Job Title:  Internship – Digital Platforms
Department:  Curatorial
Duration:  12 Months
Reporting to:  Afrisam Curator of Digital Platforms, Zeitz MOCAA
Start date:  Immediate
Salary:  R 92,700 per annum or R 7,725 per month (Cost to company with all deductions, including Pay as You Earn, Unemployment Insurance Fund Contributions, health insurance, and any other government mandated deductions, withheld from this amount)


As the Intern of Digital Platforms, the selected candidate will assist the AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms in distributing the AfriSam Audio Tours. The candidate will assist with managing the Audio Tours desk and assist with the distribution of the Audio Tour devices.

AfriSam Audio Tours narrate a story of contemporary art and architecture from Africa and has been generously sponsored by AfriSam. The self-guided audio tours will unveil unique stories about the museum’s collection and architecture. The tour will feature diverse commentaries from leading artists, curators, architects, designers and visionaries to enrich visitor’s experience and gives a holistic narrative of the architecture and artwork at Zeitz MOCAA. Visitors will have the opportunity to select from three different journeys targeted at adults, children and those interested in the museum’s architecture. Each tour will highlight objects in the museum’s collections or aspects of the museum building, providing cultural, environmental and social contextualization through hand-held audio devices. The creation of Zeitz MOCAA’s AfriSam Audio Tour requires an additional Assistant Curator to be stationed at the Pick-up and Drop-off desk.


Purpose of the job

To assist the AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms to manage the distribute of the audio tours and manage visitor engagement at the AfriSam Audio Tour pick up and drop off area.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Assist the AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms in implementing the AfriSam Audio Tour.
  2. Manage the distribution of audio tour devices at the Audio tour pick up and drop off area.
  3. Manage AfriSam Audio Tour drop off and pick up area.
  4. Manage visitor engagement, complaints and feedback about the AfriSam Audio Tours.
  5. Assist public in using and understanding the AfriSam Audio Tour devices and content.
  6. Work together with all staff members to ensure the smooth running of the museum.
  7. Complete other tasks as necessary.


Person specification

This role focuses on public engagement and distribution of audio tour devices. The selected Assistant Curators will be required to work successfully with a diverse public and be able to liaise feedback to the AfriSam Curator of Digital Platforms, to ensure the smooth and successful AfriSam Audio Tour experience. Candidates are required to have excellent communication skills, with focused and professional disposition and a commitment to contemporary culture from Africa and its Diaspora.

Required experience and skills:

  1. Completion of a high school qualification.
  2. Strong administration and coordination skills, with a methodical approach and attention to detail.
  3. Ability to work and liaise with public independently.
  4. Effective problem-solving skills.
  5. Articulate and friendly disposition.
  6. Preference given to candidates with multilingual skills.
  7. Preference given to candidates with customer experience
  8. Ability to patiently and efficiently engage with a diverse and multilingual public.



  1. A love for art and a desire to learn more about art history.
  2. Experience working within a cultural context.


As a cutting-edge equal opportunity institution, Zeitz MOCAA celebrates diversity in all its forms including gender, race, creed, and orientation. To apply, please email a letter of motivation, CV, two references and two writing examples focusing on culture with the subject line: “Internship – Digital Platforms Application” to  gontse.mathabathe@zeitzmocaa.museum by  20 March 2018.



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