AfriSam Audio Tour

AfriSam Art and Architecture Audio Tours are now available!

Dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge art from Africa and the diaspora, Zeitz MOCAA presents the AfriSam Audio Tours designed for visitors of all age groups and ethnicities. Generously sponsored by AfriSam, the self-guided audio tour unveils unique stories about the museum’s collection and architecture.

The tours feature diverse commentaries from leading artists, curators, architects, designers and art practitioners to enrich the visitor’s experience and to give a holistic narrative. Each tour provides bite-sized insights and interpretations into what the viewer encounters visually, in the museum.

Currently available in English, the tours will be expanded to three local languages as well as other international languages, to accommodate a diverse audience. The additional languages will include isiXhosa, isiZulu, and Afrikaans.

Audio Tours are free with museum admission or Membership. Please note that proof of identification or passport is required to hire an AfriSam Audio tour device. Children under the age of 18 years required adult supervision with valid identification.


AfriSam Architecture Tour

Built in 1921, the Grain Silo remains an iconic feature of Cape Town’s skyline. The AfriSam Architectural Tour gives visitors an insight into the industrial past of the Grain Silo building and its reformed architectural design by Thomas Heatherwick, of Heatherwick Studios.

Inspired by grain corn, scaled up and used as a cutting tool, the impressive BMW Atrium introduces visitors to what lies ahead, as well as the complex design processes and architecture of the building. From the pillowing, glazed panel windows that reflect Cape Town’s landscape to the found spaces that highlight the past life of the building, this audio tour will give visitors an in-depth understanding of Zeitz MOCAA’s architecture.

The museum’s monumental architectural facades will be brought to life with commentary from the building’s architects – Heatherwick Studios and Van der Merwe Miszewski Architects – and perspectives of the V&A Waterfront development team, amongst other key role players in the making of the building.

The full Architecture Audio Tour is now available at the museum. All Audio Tours are free with museum admission.

Please note that a valid I.D. Driver’s License or Passport is required in exchange for devices.

AfriSam Art Tour

With the aim of providing economically viable access to a core collection of art to the public, the AfriSam Art Tour explores the museum’s permanent shows and temporary exhibitions, both of which focus on contemporary art from Africa. Our AfriSam Art Audio Tours simultaneously provides a free and accessible platform for visitors to truly immerse themselves in our exhibitions and for anyone around the world to hear more about art from Africa and the diaspora. A selection of the tours will include insights into the works of prominent artists who have exhibited their work at Zeitz MOCAA. Our seasoned curators also offer their perspectives.

Please note that a valid I.D., driver’s licence or passport is required in exchange for devices.

Our AfriSam Art Audio Tour is now available at the museum. Alternatively, listen to our playlists below: